Detox Health Beauty is an online community with an aim to motivate, educate and inspire its readers to make the healthiest choices possible.

We host annual wellbeing festivals and smaller events including retreats - with a focus on wellbeing and wellness - partnering with many contributors to bring Scotland and England the very best of organic food, yoga and fitness, retail and lifestyle, one-to-one coaching, crafts, and much much more. Scroll below to learn about our approach to Detox, Health, and Beauty.



Detoxing is our body’s way of removing potentially damaging chemicals. Although the body is designed to cope with toxins thanks to the functions of the liver, kidneys, gut, skin, lymphatic system and lungs, modern day life means that our systems can be overloaded. Pollutants in our environment, food and drinks can leave us feeling under par. Our bodies are detoxing all the time but we can further support our systems, by giving them a boost with super healthy food and drinks.

At Detox Health Beauty we promote a plant based, organic, wheat free, dairy free, caffeine free, alcohol free and refined sugar free period of time for a true rest and reboot. Put the time aside to detox and enjoy benefits such as weight loss, improved appearance, better sleep, immune function, digestion and healthier hair, skin and nails.



At Detox Health Beauty, we take a holistic approach and believe that self-care is important for both mental and physical health. Our aim is to arm you with as many tools and techniques as possible, so that you are inspired to make time for you and stay healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Nourishing ourselves with super healthy food and drinks can become a way of life by introducing a few simple changes. Detox Health Beauty provides a variety of recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and healthy drinks to help inspire you to cook delicious, nutrient packed meals. All of our recipes are simple and easy to make.



At Detox Health Beauty, we take the same approach to skincare as we do to food and believe that what you put on your skin will be absorbed, so it is safer and more effective to choose natural and organic beauty products where possible. We’ll introduce you to some of the amazing natural beauty brands on the market. We also provide natural skincare recipes and remedies, which will save you money and can give you beautiful, glowing skin.