Ayurvedic Detox by Anu Paavola


Ayurvedic Detox By Anu Paavola

Anu owns Jivita Ayurveda, which is an organic wellbeing centre in Kensal Green, London. Jivita Ayurveda is a beautiful one stop shop providing a full range of what Ayurveda has to offer: health consultations, body and beauty treatments, food items for the Ayurvedic and organic kitchen and also stocks gifts for sustainable living.  

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that is said to have originated in India. In truth, Ayurveda is as old as life on earth. All conscious beings have, since the beginning of life, had to adjust to the constantly changing environment of our planet. The game of adjustment is what Indians started calling Ayurveda. It’s universal knowledge but Indians were the first to write it down in very sophisticated detail.

 Ayurveda is a system that follows the rules of nature to heal and repair, to achieve balance with our environment in order to have a perfect digestive and metabolic fire. It’s application is dependent on creating a synchrony with the cycles of nature i.e. days and seasons and one’s diet and lifestyle. The five modalities of healing in Ayurveda are diet, lifestyle, herbs, relaxation treatments and detoxing. 

 Detoxing in Ayurveda is a powerful way to reset our body’s healing energies. It’s a great way to resolve chronic, long lasting lifestyle related conditions. The main aim of an Ayurvedic detox is to encourage good digestion and metabolic fire known as agni. This is done by following a specific diet, reducing stress and using certain therapies to drive digestive toxins out of the body with intake and/ or application of herbal preparations. 

 One of the most wonderful things about the human body is that they are designed to heal and repair. This activity is ingrained in each of the cells so that they can achieve balance in their environment or homeostasis in other words. When we treat our bodies well, we can be rewarded with high levels of energy, stamina, immunity, strong digestive power and peaceful restorative sleep. Stress, be it mental, physical or emotional, is likely to disrupt the harmonious and timely synchronicity between cells, tissues, organs and organ systems and cause anything between unease and disease.

 The best way to gain back the innate intelligence of our cells is to give them a good rest. For this, a well planned Ayurvedic detox can be hugely beneficial. The urge to repair and heal is so strong that it often really only takes a few days before we start to feel good again. Three days is usually enough but it depends on what kind of detox you do.

 An Ayurvedic detox cleanses the gut of undigested, fermented and possibly putrefied food residue, bad bacteria, bacterial waste and excess mucous. To detox the liver, brain, kidneys, fat and the rest, it’s essential that the gut is dealt with first. If your digestive tract is full of toxins you’ll have no results in getting other places clean.

 According to Ayurvedic medicine, the best way to clear the gut is to eat a monodiet of kitcheri or soup at all meals. In addition, a gentle exercise session like walking or yoga in the morning and sipping hot water throughout the day are helpful too. Simplicity is the key but we also need to eat very slowly and choose only seasonal foods.

 Lastly, a detox whilst stressed is a retox. It’s necessary to choose the timing right so that you can ensure relaxation time too.

If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda. Anu recommends reading this book, which contains lots of information and excellent recipes, including three for Kitchari, which is a nourishing dish used as mono diet for a number of days to cleanse and reset your system.

“Eat, taste, heal, An Ayurvedic cookbook for modern living”  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eat-Taste-Heal-Ayurevdic-Cookbook-x/dp/0976917009/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483544512&sr=8-1&keywords=eat%2C+taste%2C+heal