Core Values


Bernie Petrie is the most amazing life coach, blogger and owner of a stunning space called The Barefoot Sanctuary in North Berwick, Scotland.

Core Values.

Bernie Petrie.

Deep down, deep deep down we all know our core values. The reason for this is that’s where they reside, in the depths of our being. They can’t not be there. Up in our heads however, a different show can be playing, taking us totally out of alignment from how we truly desire to feel.

Without tapping into these core values, we make decisions and say yes to all the wrong things. Life begins to feel off because it’s not flowing in alignment with the deep down emotions that, in contrast can make you feel amazing.

What does a core desire feel like? This is totally personal of course but as an example of some of my own and some of my clients that I’ve worked with consider: ease, joy, peace, excitement, serenity, magic, devotion, truth warmth and clarity. I take people on a conscious journey through their bodies and on a time travelling experience, to help them discover themselves fully. They see themselves in many different scenarios during this the process and the values are revealed.

In order to discover your core values, you have to pay real attention to your body in your daily situations. The more tense your body feels, the more you have moved away from your core values. The irony is that because we can be so locked in our heads, you may not even realise that your body is tense. So you put down the fact that you need to see a chiropractor monthly for your stiff shoulders and neck as just part of life, when actually, it’s the feeling that is in total opposition to how you could feel if you are following your core values.

How can core values help you to get to where you would like to be?

Core values serve as a wonderful filter, saving you a lot of time and energy. Think of them like powerful search engine filters bringing to you exactly what you desire. For example, if one of your core values turns out to be ‘love’ and you focus on doing the things you love, talking about the things you love, spending time with people you love, then more and more ‘love’ like experiences will be sent your way. The universe responds to how you feel and your core desires are an illumination as to how you want to feel. You have to feel the emotion in the here and now which is why, I believe that focusing on your core desires creates them. On the flip side, where we may have spent more time unconsciously focusing on what you don’t want, creates more of what you don’t want, so it’s vital to tap into your core values as a priority and tap into them daily.

How can we calm our minds and discover our core values?

Doing whatever activity that helps you to be more in tune with your body is key. What is it that floats your boat? Clues from your childhoods play an important part here too. So for you, it may be art, playing in nature, dancing, yoga, sea swimming, naps, prayer, long baths or going for long walks. These are all forms of meditation if the result is that your mind is not running the show. Discovering ‘that stillness’ makes it easier to feel your way through this sacred life. At it’s core, that is what life is after all. Sacred.

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