Hypnotherapy To Transform Your Life


Sara Maude is a highly regarded hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and EFT specialist. She can help you if you are tired of feeling the way that you do, if you feel you need help but are unsure of what you need to resolve the problem and if you would like to experience tangible results on your first session. She runs a busy practice in the centre of Edinburgh but works with clients all over the world via Skype too.

Hypnotherapy to transform your life

Like me, I am sure at some point in your life you have performed a detox.

Maybe the detox was one of your body, or perhaps of your wardrobe or simply just your sock drawer. Either way, a detox of any nature feels good doesn’t it?

Detoxing, removing, cleansing, eliminating and letting go of that which no longer serves you or has any purpose in your life.

Have you however, performed a detox of your mind?

Or, like old items at the back of the wardrobe taking up space, do you still have buried within you things which don’t suit you and no longer fit you but which you still have yet to let go of?

Perhaps hiding in the corners of your mind, yet to be thrown away, you are holding onto….

  • Worry about what people think of you?
  • A belief that you aren’t good enough
  • Unprocessed grief about the loss of a love one that still weighs heavy in your heart?
  • Fear about public speaking?
  • Old resentments about people in your life who have hurt you and whom you can’t forgive?
  • Habits and patterns of behaviour that leap out and sabotage any attempts to improve your physical health and wellbeing?
  • Beliefs you aren’t worthy of love or happiness?
  • On going anxiety that feels like it is taking over your life?
  • A lack of faith and confidence in yourself
  • Old painful memories colouring your perceptions and adding to your fears

Imagine how amazing it will feel to you when you let go of these?  How much lighter, more confident and happier you will start to feel?  How much better will you start sleeping? What new challenges will you find yourself taking on?

Just like having a beautiful capsule wardrobe of tailor made items of clothing, you too can have a mind that makes you look and feel a million dollars.

Maybe your capsule mind would include;

  • An inner confidence that radiates from you, lighting you up on the inside
  • The courage, strength and belief in yourself to step out of your comfort zone
  • A sense of excitement about your future
  • A belief that you are truly worthy and deserve anything you desire
  • Feeling happy in your own skin
  • Peace of mind
  • Love and respect for your body
  • The energy to pursue your hobbies and dreams

A voice that speaks to you from inside, reassuring you that you are good enough, you are beautiful and that you can do anything you set your mind to!

Every item on that list and much more is available right now in your size and shape and colour! 

How is that even possible I hear you shout? Like you, I wondered the same.  That was until I discovered hypnotherapy.

When you leave behind the idea that hypnosis is something stage entertainers perform, you will discover that hypnosis is the activation of a natural brain wave state called Theta.

The Theta brain wave is one which you will find yourself entering at multiple times during the day, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Before you go to sleep and prior to awakening are two prime examples of this.

The Theta brain wave is the doorway to the unconscious mind, where every programme you have ever created about the way to think, feel, and behave are stored.  Every minute piece of data about what you believe, what you like and dislike, how to move your body, and how to navigate your way through each day is all stored in this vast unconscious part of you. A bit like how information from a computer gets stored in ‘the cloud’.

When working with a hypnotherapist, the power of hypnosis is utilised to enable you to slip into a deep state of relaxation, which is the theta brain wave state, and create new ways of thinking, new emotional responses to people and situations and new ways of behaving and feeling – creating a new you.

The reason you can rewire your brain is because the brain is made of neural plasticity, meaning it is mouldable. 

Maybe you have tried to create change within yourself before and are now thinking, it doesn’t work.  The likelihood is that the change wasn’t created at the unconscious level of your mind, making a new and automatic response.

As the unconscious mind dictates 95 – 98% of every thought, emotional response, belief and behaviour that you have, for any change to be long lasting, it must be created at the unconscious level.

This is effectively what hypnosis helps you to achieve.

To find out more about how you can create a new state of mind and being contact me and start living your future self just like Sarah experienced…

I found Sara’s contact details through an Internet search when I was feeling pretty low because of various things going on in my life, but was also facing a big promotion competition, which felt completely overwhelming, and I was on the verge of pulling out of. On reading the testimonials I felt that she was someone I would be able to relate to and after a lot of internal “will I/won’t I?” debate, I decided to take the leap and contact Sara to make an appointment. I am so glad I did, because even from the very first session with Sara, I felt a huge improvement in my mood and confidence. Sara was warm and welcoming and immediately seemed to understand what I was going through and how to help. I left her that day feeling fantastic and we had a further 3 sessions after that which I found invaluable and Sara taught me tools and techniques that I could use myself. I went into the promotion competition feeling calmer and with more confidence than I would have without her help and I used the techniques that Sara taught me at times during the day to help me stay that way. The result is that I got the job! I continue to use what Sara has taught me and I firmly believe that this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Highly recommended.