New Year, New You


Lyndy is a Certified Health Coach and NLP Practitioner with an Honours Degree in Organisational Psychology. Prior to Health Coaching she spent 11 years in the City, in Banking, as a Human Resources Director.  Her passion is to be a pioneer to help others to help themselves.  Both as a mother of two and throughout her career she has experienced how connected food & mindset is to our Health and Wellbeing. As a result, she advocates an integrated approach to Health, linking nutrition to all aspects of life. 

New Year, New You. Ways to make your intentions a reality this year!

Welcome to 2017! A new year always means the possibility for a fresh start and a clean slate.

This is often the time of year when we promise ourselves that we will do something differently, detox, lose that weight, start exercising, eat healthier, change jobs… whatever that one ‘thing’ is for you, research has shown that unfortunately by the 2nd week in February most of us have given up on our new goals and reverted back to old ways.

Why does this happen?

The most common reason we don’t stick with things is that we are not truly committed to change. We are contemplating it and the intention is there but then the limiting beliefs start creeping in and it is easier to go back to old ways. The underlying motivation and driver is often not strong enough for us to continue. It is easier to stay in something that we know isn’t working than to make a change.

 Let’s face it change can be hard and we all resist it at times. A good thing to ask yourself when the motivations starts to wain is how long are you willing to stay with this ‘thing’ hanging over you - a month, 12 months, 5 years? What might the cost be to your health if you don’t make this change now and how much of your energy does it take up thinking about it? Important questions to ponder…

How can we learn from previous years?

Acknowledge what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. If getting fit is one of your goals that has carried over from the last 5 years then ask yourself some probing questions.  What you have done before obviously hasn’t worked for you so you need to find a different approach. Think about what is the missing piece you need to make this a reality, is it finding an exercise you enjoy? Is the goal dragging you down? Do you need an accountability partner to motivate you? Are you internally or externally motivated? What gives you energy?

Think about what support you may need to make your goal a reality. Once you have identified what these blocks are it is easier to move forward into action.

How do we ingrain these intentions into a true habit now?

Now that we have identified these blocks we just need to commit to the action. How do we do this? Put your intention out there publicly, let your family and friends know you are upgrading your food choices or have decided to get fit, get the support. Schedule a daily reminder pop up in your diary for the next 6 months so you can check in with yourself on your own progress. Write it down! This one is key, get it out of your head onto paper, remember ‘a goal is just a wish without a plan’. If it is exercise, commit to a class with a friend, if it is food clear out your cupboards of things that you know will tempt you, schedule a regular monthly catch-up with friends for the year so you know you have something to look forward to and be sure to schedule in some time weekly for your own self-care.

Take a minute to imagine what it will be like when you have achieved your goal, what it will look like, how will it feel and how proud you will be of yourself for following through with it this year.

Will you be reading this article a year from now and still be in the same place? What will it take to make this year different? Remember we all know what we should be doing but knowing something is not the same as doing it…

If you believe it and can clearly visualise what success looks like you are already halfway there.

Good luck, I know you can do it!

Wishing you a year full of health, happiness, a passion for life and new adventures.

Many of Lyndy’s clients come out of the corporate sector and are looking for support with Gut Issues, Emotional Eating, PCOS or just to Feel Better in their physical & mental state.

Lyndy works in person, over the phone & on skype.


What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a health behaviour change expert. They help you design a health and wellness plan that works for you and are your accountability partner. 

This may be for anyone feeling stuck. You may be looking for a more sustained balance in your life, healthier food choices, more time, more energy, stress reduction and weight loss. 

Working together with a health coach, you will discover what your individual vision of optimal health and wellbeing looks like for you, the whole you, body and mind. Through your coaching partnership, you will learn ways to identify and navigate around the obstacles and barriers between you and what really matters to you, to help you meet your health and wellness goals.