Gaby Roslin’s Health and Beauty Secrets


Gaby Roslin is a broadcaster and presenter and has been working in the world of media for a long time! She looks incredible and has the energy of a teenager, so we were keen to know some of her health and beauty secrets...

Gaby, you are over 50, looking stunningly beautiful and opposed to Botox, fillers and cosmetic surgery. This must be fairly unusual in your line of work. You're so natural and healthy looking and have a beautiful attitude to the ageing process, so we're keen to learn your health and beauty secrets. 

1. Can you tell us about your beauty routine and which products you can't live without?
"I swear by the truly amazing NIOD. I started using it almost two years ago and the range is remarkable. I use CAIS,MMHC,FECC and NAAP. It’s from Deceim and I cannot love that brand anymore than I do. I also use Manuka Doctor as my daytime moisturiser and at night time I love Cult 51. I give myself facials twice a week and I like to use a gentle scrub, then a mask. I love REN!

Make up wise, I love my Mac foundation and everything else is Charlotte Tilbury. Her range is stunning with such gorgeous stay put colours. I am a little bit obsessed with lip glosses and have about 10 different ones in my handbag! Madness I know."

2. You have a really positive attitude to growing older, despite being in the public eye. Your refreshing approach is inspirational. What or who has helped to mould your views towards health, natural beauty and ageing?
"I feel that life is all about the experiences that you go through, whether they be sad or happy and I have have a few very sad things happen and very many happy. It shows in my face and what is wrong with that? I do look after myself and take care of my diet and lifestyle. That also helps, without a doubt."

3. Do you go for any regular beauty treatments? 
"No and never have. I am not one for spas either."

4. What do you do to relax and destress?
"I love going to the gym. It’s my switch off time. I also love walking and ever since getting a Fitbit last year, I do walk even more these days. I also love going to the theatre and believe it or not, I love watching TV. Even though I’ve worked in it now for 30 years, I still LOVE it.”

5. What is your idea of a healthy diet?
“I have a wheat allergy and have had for many many years, so my diet is completely gluten free. We also only eat free range, organic chicken and I eat no other meat. We also have sustainable fish but no shellfish and practically everything that can be, is organic. We don’t, as a family eat processed food. It is really as simple as that. I try to cook fresh every night for the four of us and if I can’t, there’s always something quick and easy, ready to go in the oven.”

6. Who or what makes you feel happy?
"My family come first always, but I really love my job. I know I am very lucky in that respect.”

7. When you're cooking for your family, where do you find your favourite recipes? Have you got a favourite recipe book?
"I love Amelia Freer’s books and also Dale Pinnock The Medicinal Chef. Honestly Heathy, Natasha Corrett’s book is great too and of course the delicious food in the Hemsley sister’s books. To be honest I just make it up as I go along. Also I love cooking savoury dishes. I don’t and can’t make puddings but that’s no bad thing really. I don’t have a sweet tooth!"