Gather Your Glow

Gather Your Glow

Another golden time is here and we find ourselves gathering in.  A time of change, letting go and stocking up with the goodness we have grown over the summer. We can connect with this natural rhythm easily by spending time in nature, making space in our busy day to be outside, to breathe and observe. Within this changing time we can easily find the golden glow and beauty of autumn.  Let’s gather and soak up the golden rays to keep cosy through the times ahead. 

In traditional times, we needed to be accurate with this process for survival through the winter and this is still a helpful way to be.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Our health and well being is the greatest wealth we have. It’s not easy to buy it back when it’s gone. It’s much easier to take care of ourselves now.

One way of understanding this is looking at the difference between being in debt and being in credit. The debt feels more tense and pressured, the credit space is more relaxed and easy. If in debt we have to pay interest, if in credit we get given interest.  It’s exactly the same with our health and well being. 

If we get into debt with ourselves eg lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, allowing ourselves to get dehydrated, indulging in too much alcohol, getting physically stuck and congested because we haven’t exercised, we pay for it.  To get back into credit with ourselves, extra deposits are needed.

These could be

✨Taking a break and going on holiday
✨Having a spa day
✨Joining a new class or health membership
✨Starting a cleansing diet
✨Improving eating patterns
✨Decluttering sleep space and making your room more relaxing
✨Ordering a regular organic fruit and veg box delivery
✨Buying a water purifier
✨Using an eco water bottle to fill up and keep hydrated

✨Switching to your favourite herbal tea instead of drinking coffee
✨Booking some therapy time e.g. a massage or healing
✨Learning a new skill that can help us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our health and well being
✨Practicing meditation
✨Making space for proper relaxation

All of these involve commitment and the benefit of commitment to our self care is huge. We create a space of connection with ourselves and our health and well being. We know what we need and are kinder to ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. We feel better for it and this radiates out into our lives and into the world.

The simplest way to make a positive contribution to our health and well being is to open up and breathe deeply. An effective way to calm our mind is to connect with our breath and consciously inhale and exhale and to do this most efficiently, pushing our belly out on inhale and bringing our belly in on exhale.

The benefits of breathing long and deep...

Breathing well can help us to stay calm, centred and connected in times of change. It’s simple, easy to practice at any time and it’s free.  There’s no excuse of being too busy to do that one! Breathing consciously is the most powerful self care practice possible and we can start right now 😊.

If we take care of ourselves well, it’s easy to pop back into credit if we have a wobble. Self care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity for us to stay healthy and happy through all the weathers of life.

Jen’s magical yurt is based at Archerfield Walled Garden and she has lots of ways to support people and to help them stay connected to their health and well being in times of change, with new autumn treatment offers and classes.

Sheena Skinner