An Interview With Amanda Farnese Heath

An Interview With Amanda Farnese Heath

Amanda is a supremely stylish woman, event planner, lifestyle stylist, portrait photographer and the founder of Mad March Hare Wild Dining. She is so creative and has beautiful energy, which she pours into very unique and special projects and events. Amanda took her team to Detox Health Beauty day at Archerfield Walled Garden this year and offered two truly magical and alfresco dining experiences. Mad March Hare is returning to DHB day at Archerfield Walled Garden on the 11th May, 2019 and the link is up already on Amanda's website if you would like to book one of her experiences. This year, she is offering a brunch, 2 lunch seatings and afternoon canapés with natural cocktails. Each table will be limited to 22 seats, so please book early as the lunches sold out quickly last year. Follow the link at the foot of the page to book.

Here is an interview with Amanda. 

1) Your stunningly beautiful and unique style, dining experiences and ability to think outside the box are really inspiring. Who and what inspires you? 

My whole family are creative and my mother was great with interiors, so I grew up being surrounded by beautiful spaces and shapes. I studied fashion for four years as well. I loved fabric and the way it formed and sculpted around the body. I take inspiration from everything, always observing and making mental notes of anything that I could take and mould into an event or if I’m styling.

2) Where in the world do you go to relax?

For as long as I can remember, I have visited Crete twice a year on the southern side and up in the mountains but just recently we bought a small casa in Andalusia in a beautiful mountain town called ‘Olvera’ and we are planning to spend more time in Spain, opening the house up for workshops, small retreats and feasts. I’m very excited!

3) How do you relax? 

I trained a few years ago in Ashtanga yoga and now practice regularly and teach a monthly workshop but my number one leveller is hill walking. Once you reach the top, there’s that moment when everything is clear and peaceful and life makes total sense. It’s quite magical!

4) Where is your favourite place to eat? 

I cook at home most of the time using veg from the garden. If I do eat out, it’s usually Gardeners Cottage or Fishers at the Shore in Edinburgh.

5) What would be your last supper? 

That’s a really tricky one as I love all food. I think that it would be the people that would make it a great last supper.

6) You are a natural beauty inside and out. What are your secrets? 

First off thanks for such a compliment. Water, lots of sleep and intermittent fasting and when I do eat, being very conscious of what I’m putting into my body, making sure it’s balanced. I am genuinely interested in trying anything to improve my health, so I’m forever reading different articles on all aspects of food and the health benefits throughout history.

7) What beauty products can you not live without? 

I make my own beauty oil and deodorant and I’m a complete fan of Neals Yard frankincense range.

8) Can you describe how a perfect day to you would go?

My perfect day would have to involve a walk up a hill somewhere, with a bit of meditation at the top and some great food waiting at the bottom. Simple pleasures make it perfect for me.

9) How long have you lived in Scotland and what do you love about the country? What keeps you there? 

I’ve lived in Scotland for 25 years now and we are very fortunate to live by the sea. What keeps me here is space, big, open dramatic landscapes and the air is so clean. My daughter lives in London now and every time I visit, I come away feeling grey. I always have colour in my cheeks up north and of course it goes without saying, the people of Scotland!

10) You have an amazingly varied career. What has been your favourite job and why? Favourite company to work with and favourite experience on the job? 

I find this tricky to answer as I’ve been most fortunate to have coloured life the way I want it to be from my teens. I’ve always worked for myself, so I’m constantly inventing and creating the next chapter. This one right now is pretty good and let’s hope the journey takes me onwards. I’m much more relaxed these days and try to hold ideas loosely and what happens is meant to be.

11) Lastly, what advice would you give to your 16 year old self? 

Self belief

Thank you Amanda. Please follow the link below for more information and to purchase tickets for Amanda's dining experiences at DHB day, Archerfield Walled Garden next May:

Sheena Skinner