How To Cultivate Self Care While Balancing A Busy Schedule by Sophie Mae

How To Cultivate Self Care While Balancing A Busy Schedule by Sophie Mae

Sophie Mae is an entrepreneur, blogger and boss lady from Orange County, CA. She has spent the last 10 years in the fashion and event-planning industries. She is also the founder and creator or, where she teaches women entrepreneurs how to create freedom in their lives and businesses. 

As a woman entrepreneur who runs three businesses, life can get a bit hectic at times. I find myself wearing many different hats during any given day! I am a wife, a puppy mum, a boss, a fashion stylist, an event planner and a blogger. It can be overwhelming at times to say the least!

Balancing all these responsibilities while maintaining sanity is one of the many reasons I created I created the website and blog specifically for women entrepreneurs who are craving balance and freedom in their lives and businesses. I believe that each woman can achieve a sense of peace and balance in her life but only when she begins to prioritise self-care.

We are taught that women should be selfless caregivers and that we should bend over backwards to meet the needs of others at any cost. We play this narrative out in our personal and professional lives all the time. A client needs a last minute project completed by 10:00pm? We’re on it. The PTA called and they need cookies for the 2:00pm meeting? You can count on us. We are always there, always ready. But at what cost?

I bought into this lie for years. I would run myself ragged by always saying yes to projects, events or clients without a skipping a beat. I would stay up all night working on a blog post only to find myself exhausted and overloaded on caffeine. I was always stressed, constantly tired and never satisfied.

That’s when I began to seek the help of a support group and started a journey of self-discovery that would lead me to creating The Balanced Boss Babe and living a life I never dreamed possible. I started to make positive changes in my life. I began to say “no” and put boundaries in place. I began to value my time and energy. It wasn’t always easy but before long, I was finding my balance.

The biggest change I made? Putting myself first by cultivating a sense of self-care. This meant getting lots of sleep when I needed to rest, putting limits on my time, paying close attention to my nutrition and exercise needs and having fun!

Below are some ways that I cultivate balance, especially when life gets crazy busy!

1.  Get Your Beauty Sleep

Rest has always been very important to me. However, I still tend to put sleep on the back burner if I have a big project or deadline due. Of course this is when we need the MOST R&R! We can’t be the best version of ourselves for others when we don’t take care of ourselves. With this in mind, it’s best to always aim for 7-8 hours of sleep (minimum) per night. If you need to take a nap during the day, set your alarm for a 30-minute snooze. You would be amazed at how refreshed you feel!

2.  Learn to Say “No”

Why is this little word so hard to say? Most of the time, we find it difficult to say “no” for a few reasons: we may feel like we are letting someone down if we say “no” to a project; we may feel like the person (or persons) won’t like us if we decline their invitation; or we may simply be so used to saying “yes” that we forget we can say “no”! Putting boundaries on your finite resources is key here. You must learn to value yourself enough to decline projects you simply don’t have time to commit to. This is a hard one, but practice makes perfect! The next time you are invited to an event or to get involved with a project, practice responding with something like “let me get back to you on that. I have to think about it before I commit.” This gives you a chance to ask yourself if it’s really worth your time and it lets the other people involved know that you value your time and talents!

3. Honour Your Body

There are some days when I get so engrossed in my work, so in “the flow” that I forget to eat! This is not only unhealthy, it’s also incredibly unproductive because we don’t have the energy we need to work efficiently and be our best selves. No one likes a hungry boss babe! Be sure to make time to nourish your body with healthy foods every day. Establish a workout routine that works with your schedule. We often put these two aspects of our lives at the bottom of our to-do lists but it’s time to start making them a priority. When you have a strong, nourished body, you would be surprised how much you can accomplish in a day!

4. Make Time for Fun!

I believe we take life way too seriously sometimes. While we are busy worrying about everyone and everything around us, we are missing the opportunity to truly enjoy life. Taking a 20-minute break to play with your kids (or fur babies!), sneaking off to a movie with a friend, or planning a weekend getaway can add joy back into your life and work. It’s easy to forget why we work so hard sometimes. Get out there and enjoy life!





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