Michelle Denham, Fletcher's Cottage

We’re delighted that the team from one of the best spas in Scotland, Fletcher’s Cottage will be joining Detox Health Beauty day at Archerfield Walled Garden on the 12th May. This spa really is one of a kind and every element of what they do expresses a responsible and ethical approach to health and wellbeing. The team will be on hand to talk to you about skincare, relaxation and their treatments. They are bringing expertise, knowledge and products to the day to create a pampering and luxurious experience. The manager of the spa, Michelle Denham has given Detox Health Beauty an interview...

1) Michelle, we love Fletcher's Cottage and feel that it is one of the most beautiful spas in the UK. How do you create such a lovely, nurturing, luxurious, calming and relaxing environment? Is there anything we can do at home for a bit of ‘Fletcher's'?

I do have to agree. I never get tired of it's beauty. The spa is such a beautiful space but it really is the love, hard work and dedication from our team that creates this special environment for all to enjoy. The spa is a beautiful place to allow yourself to indulge in luxurious treatments and to be looked after from the moment you walk into the main entrance, slipping off your shoes out from the cold and into the warmth of the Fletcher's family, as you melt into the bouncy slippers ... people just breathe deeply and switch off to the outside.

I think you can create this yourself at home by putting some "me time" into your diary and ensuring that you stick to it each week. This can be as simple as enjoying a 30 minute bath with our gorgeous Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil,  burning a candle, taking time to reflect and relax, bringing the spa into your home.

2) We love the interiors too. What were the inspirations behind the look and feel of the spa?

I'm afraid I cannot take credit for this. I have had the pleasure of working with Sian Parry-Jones, who is our spa designer and ambassador. Sian's vision is incredibly inspiring. All areas of the spa have a personal story of how it's all become part of Fletcher's Cottage. The chicken wire lights, potato crate boxes and stunning salt brick walls, upcycled and mix and matched pieces all help to create a unique and beautiful space.

3) You have the most gorgeous range of beauty products. Do you have any hero ‘can’t live without’ skincare products?

Yes we do - we have something for everybody, displayed in a relaxed and enjoyable Fletcher's workshop area and the product tester table allows guests to play with, try and smell. I am a product junkie and I can't help myself. I just LOVE products. Truly, my can't live without product and everyday essential has to be Sisley Nutritive lip balm - it is incredible!!

4) If someone turns up at Fletcher's feeling super stressed and money was no object, how would you look after them throughout the day, so that they leave Archerfield feeling on Cloud 9?

It's important to me that every person who walks into the spa is treated with the same love and care. I feel that when the guest arrives, they are almost removed of all their belongings - it's shoes off, bags away and robes on. Fletcher's has a no phone policy to help minimise any undesired distractions from the stresses of the outside world, easing guests into deep relaxation almost as soon as they arrive.

I would  start the day with one of our individual bath huts situated in the spa garden after a sauna and steam. Then Fletcher's Signature Massage (75 mins) works on all key stress areas: the back, feet and scalp. It also helps to stretch you out and allows you to feel a few inches taller. Then, perhaps followed with some relaxation time under a duvet in our new log relaxation area with a colouring in book to help to switch the mind off, finishing with the sublime Sisley Supreme Facial.

5) Is there a favourite signature treatment? What is the most popular treatment?

Our Signature Treatment (the ultimate massage) is always a go to for deep relaxation but there are so many beautiful treatments, it's hard to choose.

6) You run lots of events at the spa. Who or what brand has been the most inspirational?

Yes we do love our events!! I must say that our most special event was with Made For Life. We were the first spa to host such a special event and it was with the brand Spieziaback in 2012. It was an evening for people who were suffering from cancer at any stage of diagnoses and also for people who were directly affected, who were supporting their nearest and dearest with cancer.

This event hosted up to 15 guests and took them on a special spa journey together with our compliments. The day was full of meditation and mindfulness, Head In Heaven treatments, reiki , manicures and pedicures and afternoon tea. Last year, we worked closely with the Maggie's Centre in Edinburgh and I really hope that we can continue to help to support guests, family and staff there going forward.

7) We love the uniforms. Who designed them?

We call them our PJS - they are super comfortable! We worked closely with Belinda Robertson (*who is bringing her new range of clothes to Detox Health Beauty day at Archerfield Walled Garden), to create our own style. The colour was created especially for us and they named it Fletchers Grey. They are available to purchase in the shopping area.

8) You serve fresh smoothies - do you have a favourite flavour?

Carrot apple and ginger, which is delicious, fresh and warming. This area of the business is about to get very exciting in the coming months with extended food offerings too.

9) How do you relax after a busy day?

I run a hot bath full of essential oils, apply a face mask, hair mask and have an early night with some reiki. This routine always does the trick.

10) Finally, if you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would that be?

To truly follow your dreams, work hard, be determined and believe in yourself! It is true that if you find a job your love, you will never work a day in your life.

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Sheena Skinner