Raquel Wing, The Clean Hub

Raquel Wing is the founder of The Clean Hub, which is a community of clean beauty enthusiasts that seek to educate the beauty world of alternatives to toxic ingredients and empower unique beauty brands.

Hi there!

I’m Raquel, the Founder and Managing Director of The Clean Hub. We are on a mission to disrupt the $445 billion beauty industry by making life simpler for clean beauty founders and fans. Consumers (such as your smart selves) are becoming increasingly aware of personal health and wellness, such as making conscious food decisions. The same goes for what we put on our skin! We believe that you have the right to know what’s in the products you are buying and the negative impact on your long-term health. We want to create a place of transparency in the beauty industry, putting a stop to misleading marketing (otherwise known as green washing) and making clean beauty brands more visible on the market. The first way we are doing this is through our membership site. 

We found that clean beauty founders are struggling with competing with major labels in how to grow their business so we’ve decided to give them a one-stop-shop business platform. You can check it out here. Our membership site is specifically tailored to help accelerate and develop a clean beauty business. We want to see our members’ brands become household names! The Clean Hub provides accessible and valuable content from carefully selected industry experts. Expect webinars and workbooks on product development, exporting, creating a brand story and more! When founders inevitably have questions, we are here to answer them, supporting them through the challenging journey of starting their own beauty business. 

For clean beauty fans, we have a partnership with Pure Spa & Beauty where you can go and try out clean beauty products for yourself! We are also working on an e-commerce platform to bring together all our favourite clean beauty brands. You can shop safe in the knowledge that all ingredients are natural and non-toxic. 

The Clean Hub is creating a community of founders and fans alike, as strength in numbers will bring a change to the beauty industry! Listen out for our brand new podcast ‘Clean Chat’for all things clean beauty, including founder stories, tips and tricks and most importantly, an open conversation about the industry. 

Feel free to check out our website to learn more atwww.thecleanhub.com

Have a fab day and Viva Clean Beauty!

Sheena Skinner