Runderwear make the best running pants in my opinion. They are really comfortable. It’s fitting that Runderwear are coming to Detox Health Beauty day at Archerfield Walled Garden on the 12th May as Elly Douglas Hamilton, who runs the estate, recommended these to me. A game changer if you’re a runner 🏃🏻‍♀️. I met Jamie and his colleague Tania the day before I ran the London marathon last year - they were brimming with enthusiasm for the brand and on a mission to encourage people to wear their comfy running underwear #dontruncommando. They will be at Archerfield Walled Garden on the 12th - to buy tickets for the event, please follow the link the link below:

Runderwear is a business built on passion. 

Co-Founders Jamie and Rich met at university and shared a passion for running. Whilst training for a marathon, they realised no one made performance underwear to help them stay chafe-free and comfortable.

Runderwear was born to create the best performance underwear brand in the world. 

Their entire range has been designed for runners, by runners to give you optimum comfort and performance whilst training and racing.

Welcome to the world of chafe-free running 🏃🏻‍♀️🌟💫


Sheena Skinner