Spring! By Jen Gold

Spring - Change is here 🌷

March is such a powerful month of change. It is a time when our life force energy is stirring and rising after the winter sleep and there is a potential for rapid transformation. 

Nature is showing us already with bulbs popping through, the new buds unfolding and the chirpy bird song.  These are all signs we are moving into lighter times - let's open up and let it in 🌷

As the light gets brighter and shines in our windows, we notice and see the areas that need cleaning. Areas we might not have noticed before. This can be physically in our homes and body and we may also notice a change in our thoughts and feelings. It is completely natural to feel a bit buzzy and frisky at this time of year. Think of the mad March hares and the bouncy spring lambs!

It’s what we do with the energy that is most important. We could go a bit loopy and spin out, or we could channel it in a practical way to help us clean, tidy and organise our life. We could also enjoy the high energy and the creative potential for fun, play and expression.

The high creative energy can pull us into making a conscious shift and we may feel the need for a spring clear out. A conscious spring clean has been practiced for ages and it involves a clear out of stuff to make space for new life and a deep clean of places you would not usually get to. Commonly we associate it with deep cleaning the house and clearing the garden but our physical bodies would have been a major part of spring cleaning as well to recover from the winter.

There are lots of interesting ways to cleanse the body by stimulating the blood and getting the juices flowing. Hitting yourself with stinging nettles is one effective way you might like to try! It is helpful to have a break from every day food for a few days to give your digestive system a chance to repair itself and your liver an opportunity to clean up. After a proper cleanse we should feel lighter and clearer and ready to switch to healthier ways of being moving forward.

We do need to remember and drink extra pure water until the pee is clear to flush out the waste products from the cleansing process. A bit like emptying our bucket after we’ve  been cleaning the house. If we don’t the water gets stagnant and smelly.

Cleansing and clearing our inside and outside world helps us make space for new life and it feels so good! 😊

When we are clear we are ready for transformation.

How do you cleanse yourself?

Remembering the main areas our bodies eliminate wastes are:


✨Respiratory system

✨Urinary system

✨Digestive system

Some of my favourite ways to cleanse are:

✨a super scrub clean in the shower or bath with yummy essential oil soap 

( I love Beautitude cleanse bar)

✨a walk in the fresh air 

(especially when it’s windy)

✨ a deep cosy sleep with the windows open 

(best quality sleep is an hour before and after midnight so 10pm sleep time is perfect)

✨drinking a good few pints of pure spring water

✨drinking a big flask of cleanse tea

 (Pukka cleanse tea is super)✨doing an organic fruit and veg fast or a juice fast 

             (see info about Sap! below)

I also love a sauna, steam and a lush Voya seaweed bath at Fletchers Cottage spa 😊Yum!

Nature is so clever and provides us with powerful cleansing medicines in spring to support our cleansing process. Herbs like...

✨Nettle ~ cleanse blood, increases urine elimination, contains high levels of nutrients incl. iron & vit C

✨Dandelion ~ stimulates digestive juices, encourages liver to repair itself, nutritious and diuretic

✨Cleavers ~ cleanses blood and moves the lymph

...are already popping through. I’m sure they are growing beside you somewhere.

Make sure you identify them properly before you eat them and also make sure they are growing in a clean place.

For more info on spring herbs http://www.reconnecttoself.com/blog/ 

Spring is a wonderful time to make changes as we shift into different patterns and ways of living.  There are lots of super opportunities coming up to learn to live a lush, healthy life and develop what we already know and practice.

Vegan cooking and Medicinal Herbs 🥑

A new and exciting class exploring ways we can live a plant based life for optimum health and vitality. With lots of practical and creative food and medicine making and take home recipes and notes for ongoing integration.

For cleansing

Sat 18th May 9.30am to 4.30pm ~ £55

Sat 15th June 9.30am to 4.30pm ~ £55

For immune health

August & September 

Detox Health Beauty Festival 🌼

11th May at Archerfield Walled Garden 

An amazing opportunity to experience lush, life force foods, potions and therapies and learn new ways to take care of ourselves well. It is a celebration of goodness ✨

See the website for more info and to get tickets.


Sap! Juice 🍑

The most gorgeous juice for a spring clean! It’s more than juice, it is medicine. 

Wholesome, pure and made in East Lothian. Great for a juice fast as bulk orders are available. Also do ginger shots. Check out the website and also see them at the Detox Health Beauty event 😊


Intro to Aromatherapy 🌸

Sunday 19th May ~ 10.30am to 1.30pm ~ £33

An introduction to the medicinal qualities of essential oils and how to apply them for home help use to enhance health and well being.

Reiki Training ✨

Learn to be your own reiki practitioner to give yourself and your family Reiki every day ☀️

Helpful for cleansing and supporting physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Reiki I Training – Self Healing – one day class – £111 

(includes healthy lunch, manual and access to future classes)

Sunday 7th April ~ 10am to 4pm

Saturday 1st June ~ 10am to 4pm

Next one August 

For more info visit http://www.reconnecttoself.com/your-wellbeing/reiki/

The Yurt has some new treatments to support spring time cleansing and transformation.

Spring  Offers & Vouchers

Spring Blossom (90mins-£50) 🌸

Open up your happy receptors and blossom into spring! 

Soothingrelaxing and regenerating aromatherapy massage with reiki. 

(Ideal for those who need to relax and reconnect with their happiness and wellbeing)

Spring Clean (2hrs - £65) 🌱

Enjoy a spring clean treatment after winter. With hot stones, holistic massage, reiki, aromatherapy oils and herbal tea to promote deep cleansing. Includes lymphatic drainage and kidney flushing to support your body to clear and renew for spring! 

(Ideal for those who feel sluggish, groggy, tired and need to refresh and energise)

Paradiso Fantastico!(3hrs - £85) ✨

Ultimate relaxation! Deeply soothing & restoringaromatherapy massage with hot stones and reiki. Clear, rest & recharge your body, mind & soul. Also includes health and well being consultation for integrating positive change. 

(Ideal for those in need of time and space to let go of the mind frazzle and deep tension and receive positive energy, clarity and strength)

May we all enjoy the most gorgeous lush spring time 🌷

Let’s be open to it 😊

Brightest blessings ✨



Sheena Skinner