DHB 21 Day Detox

I’ve finished my 21 day mission of super health and self care and am feeling good ✨🌟 for it. I’ve cleansed around the spring and autumn equinox and sometimes in January for nearly 20 years and view this golden time as one to rest, relax and restore and so I clear the weekends and eat healthy food, drink healthy drinks, spend good quality time with my family and friends and try to ensure that I’m in bed by 10pm every evening. I like the weekends to be clear so that I can do some freezer filling, enjoy long family walks and chill out. The evenings are free to relax, have a bath, go for a sauna, go for a walk, drink cups of herbal tea, read, meditate and sleep. ⠀⠀

I prefer to do this with a friend or friends as it can be a real support, especially during the first week. It’s a good idea to batch cook delicious plant based meals and swap, so that you can have more variety in the freezer for midweek meals if you’re feeling time poor.

This reset leaves me feeling calm, grounded, glowing, happy, relaxed and inspired to carry the healthy habits on and live by the 80/20 rule of being healthy most of the time and enjoying treats alongside too. ⠀⠀

I stopped drinking alcohol 42 days ago and I‘m aiming for 90. I usually drink when I‘m out with friends or family but I’m loving having my weekends completely uninterrupted of a fuzzy head or feeling tired and am hooked on the clarity and energy I have from not drinking... so much so that I am considering carrying this on for a year but we’ll see. ⠀⠀

The 21 days has been full of plant based super healthy food and drinks, self care, rest and relaxation and it always leaves me feeling wonderful. I’m going to write down everything we’ve been doing, so that you can enjoy this gentle but deeply effective detox too - I will be in touch with all of this soon ✨💖

Sheena Skinner